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6 000 Luxemburgers in the 1860 US Census

I have a list of 6 0000 Luxemburgers in the 1860 US Census. Please help find find the hometowns of these people. The source is at so a lot of family names are misspelled. In the next days I will publish an updated version. I have found some new data and also some new people that were listed as Germans ord Dutch

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Emigration from Luxembourg

My book Since 1996 I am gathering biographical data about all the emigrants from the area where I am living here in Luxembourg. Up to now I have more than 1000 people in my records. You may see the names of the towns and the people in the Immigrants by town section. Any contribution is very welcome

US Federal Census 1860 The US census of the year 1860 shows 6002 people whose origins are from Luxembourg. My friend Marcel Wintquin from Boulaide has transcribed all these people. Attention, for the moment he has recorded the names as they have been transcribed on the Ancestry site. As far as I know them, I will add the real names in the future. We are thankful for evey correction. I have also added a column, where I will add the hometown in Luxembourg to these records. Any help is very welcome.

Passenger lists Compiled out of the Luxemburger Gazette

Ships Elad and Cahacoba 120 early emigrants from Luxembourg in the year 1843

Library of Congress article